Four-time National Memory Champion, Scott Hagwood, has taught thousands of people how to strengthen their minds and their memories.

So many people believe that developing a great memory is about learning mental tricks. It's not. Not even close! It's about maximizing your mental edge by identifying and honing critical thinking skills that always keeps you sharp.

Employers, managers, and clients in every industry value people who are highly productive and efficient. They need your ability to focus, concentrate, and get the job done, quickly.

Developing a great memory, along with great mental skills, will raise your value at work and in the job market.Developing a great memory is easy. Cultivating the power of recall is no problem. What does it take? A fresh approach, a new way of looking at how you remember will radically transform how you learn. A new perception has the capacity to alter your destiny.

Scott shows you how to recognize your own expertise by identifying innate skills that have become so automatic you may not be even be aware you possess them. Through his keynotes and workshops, he reveals these hidden skills, brings them to the surface, and shows you how to use them in your professional and personal life.

I interviewed Scott for a documentary we did on memory, and I find myself still using his strategies.” Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN.

“After attending one of Scott’s workshops, I taught my interns to remember a complicated step by step treatment process. They remembered each step the next time I tested them.” Dr. Lenny Salzberg.

“Using the principles in your book ‘Memory Power’, I was able to remember 20 names of co-workers at a single sitting and use the techniques to remember various scripture verses.” Eric Davis, Missionary and College Student.


Scott focuses on and breaks down your culturally held belief that a great memory is a gift from birth. Like expertise, extraordinary talent, and overwhelming success, your ability to retain is something that you train yourself to do.

You have opportunities every day to make permanent impressions with the most important people around you. With the right training and experience, you can catapult your business, your organization, and your commitment to the success you expect.

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